wanted : freelance copywriters, art directors, artists, producers and PR practitioners for 2010 election

there is a lot of need for the above in preparation for the 2010 presidential election. we are presently acquiring data and work samples so that when clients tell us of a need, we canreadily supply them with the required personnel.

please leave comments here if you are interested.

expanding freelance philippines

we thought we might as well expand this to fields other than advertising and marketing.

we are including industries involved in communication, telecommunications, IT, software and computer programming, accounting and finance, hotels, travel and entertainment industries.

we welcome all types of people who want to and can render freelance work.

upnextlevel : freelance philippines is under construction

this is the place to go for artists, writers, designers, commercial talents (voice and on-cam), producers, account executives, media, broadcast, in other words everyone in the advertising and marketing industries who are looking for projects to work on, of course to get paid for it. you can be working for a regular company now or you are a freelancer who does jobs for clients on your own.

you can post your portfolio here, or your resume or your work for potential clients to view and appreciate and for you to get that sideline job.